david selassie

knuckles pours the footings

big day! knuckles came over and poured the footings!

i rented a little cement mixer and we poured in two bags at a time and knuckles used her refined sense of concrete to mix in just enough water.

knuckles sprays water into the running cement mixer

then we wheeled it over and dumped it into the footing hole.

pouring mixer into footing hole filled with wet concrete

next we settled the wet concrete in the hole with a shovel by stirring and kneading it. then i would wiggle down the metal post bases into the wet concrete and tap them into place, lining up the wooden bridge feet with the markings on the concrete i made before.

post base in wet concrete with wooden bridge other post bases in wet concrete with wooden bridge

the big former chimney footing was flattened with a 2x4.

knuckles flattens chimney footing with 2x4

then knuckles would smooth out the top of the concrete with her trowel.

knuckles kneeling next to post base with trowel

this was the hardest part! she’d repeatedly do this once every 45 minutes to slowly shake down the coarser parts of the concrete mix and bring up the “cream” or finer parts. this makes the final finish very smooth without any polishing. we took pizza and donut breaks. i was impressed with her patience. she carved our names in at the end.

knuckles kneeling with our names by the finished chimney footing

but they look great!

finished chimney footing finished footings with space heater finished footings

hopefully they’re in the right spot. 🤞