david selassie

removed oil tank

rob came over and we cut up the now empty fuel tank for the oil furnace.

there were paw prints in the dust on the tank… lewis?

cat paw prints on top of tank in dust

it was slow going but fun to cut the tank in half. took breaks when the saw started smoking. thankfully diesel is pretty hard to catch on fire.

rob sawing up tank


tank cut in half but both halves are on top of each other

the inside of the tank was super gross. purple fuel and rust and water.

rob posing above the bottom half of the tank with fuel

rob's reflection in the sludge

we carried the tank outside very carefully and poured the sludge in buckets and wiped out the rest with paper towels. it was awkward since it had legs, so we propped it up on a stump and used a stick to get the particulate out. we spilled only a little bit, but it killed the grass.

me scooping sludge into bucket with stick from upturned tank bottom

rob takes a selfie with the tank bottom upright on a stump

we also moved the old furnace into the garage.

disconnected oil furnace

earlier in the day rob and i went to ted’s tool shed (no relation) and tried to find a “dolly”. turns out “dolly” means “platform with wheels” and we wanted a “hand cart”.

ted kaye came over and we also moved the old oil furnace to the garage very carefully. it took us slowly heaving it up the stairs on the hand cart.

ted's butt on the basement stairs with the furnace on a hand card

we did not hurt ted.